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Wendee Lee Curtis is a veteran Broadway performer turned Keynote Speaker, Emcee, and Moderator for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. With her unique blend of gravitas, fun, and intuition, she has carved her niche as a favorite among corporate giants like Eli Lilly,iCIMS,WEtv, CrowdStrike, Pfizer, Thomson Reuters,  Roche, and Genentech.

Wendee is gifted at helping companies create strong team cultures by leveraging lessons from the Broadway stage using unique, tried-and-true theatrical principles. She arms organizations with time-tested Broadway principles, infusing fun and reflective exercises that morph groups into impassioned teams of performers.

As a facilitator for the prestigious Executive Presence Program at Cornell University, Wendee teaches MBA candidates and legacy leaders how to be candid, confident, and captivating on camera.

When she's not elevating the entertainment industry or shaping future leaders, Wendee feeds her adventurous spirit by globe-trotting. With over 32 countries and 36 of the 50 United States under her belt, Wendee's passion for travel matches her enthusiasm for the stage.

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In an era where remote and hybrid work models have fragmented corporate cultures, the quest for a unified, engaged and dynamic team environment is more critical than ever. Drawing from Broadway's centuries-old model of uniting diverse talents into cohesive teams, organizations can transcend the challenges of distance and disconnection, fostering collaboration, adaptability, and deep connection that not only drive performance and purpose but also imbue teams with a sense of belonging and shared purpose. 

Are you ready to explore the theater of team building? Join veteran Broadway performer Wendee Lee Curtis for a captivating keynote on how to create strong team cultures by leveraging lessons from the Broadway stage! You'll learn and use UNIQUE tried-and-true theatrical principles to QUICKLY build strong and resilient teams within your organizations.

Learning Outcomes:
•Learn how the ethos of musical theater can serve as a roadmap for people to come together and develop creative approaches for collaboration & community.
•Experience the power of theater-inspired exercises to strengthen team cohesion and identity.
•See how choreography and vibrant storytelling can produce powerful legacy communities.

With fun exercises and thought-provoking reflections, you'll discover how Broadway-inspired techniques can be used to turn a group of people into a passionate community of performers; raising the curtain and taking teams to the next level – TOGETHER.

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The Broadway Blueprint™: Building Belonging


Featured Topics + Descriptions

Disengaged employees have led to a staggering $7.8 trillion in global productivity losses, highlighting the urgent need for effective virtual communication. As the digital landscape evolves, mastering confident and authentic online interactions has become indispensable for today’s corporate leaders.

Connected Confidence is a dynamic, transformative 45-minute interactive workshop tailored for legacy leaders and entrepreneurs keen on upgrading their virtual presentation prowess. This session is designed to shift virtual communication from a source of anxiety to one of excitement and excellence, enabling participants to project their messages with absolute confidence and connection. During this immersive workshop, participants will:

•Embrace authenticity, stop chasing perfection and start sharing in a way that connects. (“Keep it 100”)
•Learn to energize their delivery through simple script formatting techniques. (“Pimp your prompter”)
•Insights into optimizing your setup for superior audio/visual quality, ensuring you're seen and heard in the best light. (“Set the stage”)
•Methods to move from anxiety to excitement effortlessly

Connected Confidence elevates your virtual presence by directly applying actionable strategies from the stage to the screen. This 45-minute interactive Keynote Workshop is designed to ensure every online interaction you engage in is impactful, engaging, and authentically you. From the moment you walk out the door, you'll be equipped to apply what you've learned, armed with the tools and techniques to transform their digital communications INSTANTLY. 

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Connected Confidence